Music in its most transcendental form is a pure translation of feeling, a syntax of emotion. In the midst of the hype, industry, and all else attached to music these days, newcomer Moontalkr steps into the spotlight to remind us of the truth: vibration and feeling are elemental.

After a near death experience, vocalist/producer/songwriter Jeffrey Wilson (a.k.a. Moontalkr) walked away with a second chance and a crystalline vision. You can hear the urgency in his voice. Resonating with the searing, sympathetic tones of Prince and Jeff Buckley, Wilson’s undeniable voice is at the heart of the wide realms he explores in his songs: textures of jazz, psychedelia, funk, disco, rock and R&B through a super modern lens. The songs resound at the confluence of pop, spiritual practice, and future technology, recalling the sensitive quietude of Bon Iver and the bombastic joy of Anderson Paak. 

Moontalkr’s first single “Blue Door” was co-produced by Wilson and heavyweights Rodrick Cliche (D’angelo and The Vanguard, Raphael Saadiq) and Wolfgang Zimmerman (Susto, Band of Horses). It’s an eclectic spin on a psychedelic love song that takes no shortcuts and leaves no musical stone unturned. It was released on July 4, 2019, with b-side “Ode” (a stripped down song showcasing Wilson's shimmering voice) as a mantra of personal freedom. 

Stay tuned for Moontalkr live shows, collaborative art installations, videos, and more new music in 2019. 


“Channeling heavy Prince and D'Angelo vibes, the grooves are deep and production is interstellar."

-Charleston City Paper


Moontalkr is Jeffrey Wilson (guitar, vocals) joined live by Jonathan Lovett (keys), Tim Khayat (bass), and Caleb Harper (drums)